At 18 and 19 years old, my sister and I founded CrystalRags. Two sisters, one business idea, and due to the pandemic, an abundance of time to put our idea to the test. As locals attending the University of Miami, the two of us were fortunate enough to have the ability to start CrystalRags side by side.  We were inspired in finding a sustainable way to represent our style. CrystalRags, specializes in breathing new life into vintage pieces to create, one-of-a-kind modern looks. At CrystalRags, our vision is to redefine fashion by offering a diverse range of attire that effortlessly embodies glamour. Launching with sweatshirts as our first product, we have since ventured into vintage jackets, vintage shirts, vintage belts, and baseball caps. Our unique pieces are reworked with Swarovski crystals, spanning from college wear to professional sports wear and musical band wear. 

We aim to provide our clients with looks that celebrate their personal style while providing comfort and elegance. Day in and day out, we strive to create timeless pieces which authentically represent our clients. We are committed to merging vintage charm with modern style, creating fashion statements made by women, for everyone. Going on our fourth year of CrystalRags, we have been committed to building our brand until it was sold in 5 countries and worn by athletes and celebrities.


 - Alexandra & Raquel Cueto