Common questions:

If I like a piece and it is sold out, can you make the same piece for me? 

  • All of our pieces are vintage pieces. We source each piece, no two pieces will ever be the same but we can look for an item that looks similar. 

Can I send a sweatshirt I own for you to rework?

  • No

Can I send you a logo and you print it on a sweatshirt?

  • No, we do not print the designs on our pieces, they are all vintage pieces that we rework. 

How does sizing run?

  • Vintage tends to run small so we recommend sizing up. 

Do you have a storefront?

  • No, all orders are done through our website and instagram shop. 

How long does a custom request take to fulfill?

  • Typically  2 to 3 weeks. This varies depending on the requested item, as all items are sourced individually. Extremely rare finds will take longer.  

Are the pieces like - new?

  • Our pieces are vintage pieces so there is a possibility there is light wear. All of the pieces we source are A quality. Some items are frayed to give more of a vintage feel. 

How do I wash my piece?

  • Handle with care, no bleach or heat, hand wash and lay flat to dry. No washing machine or dryer. 

Do you do returns?

  • No, we do not do returns. If an item is damaged or does not fit dm our instagram @Crystal.Rags 

Do you have gift cards?

  • Yes, we do offer gift cards. 

Do you do kids merch? 

  • Yes, we do kids pieces, if you don't see what you're looking for you can fill out our custom request form or dm our instagram @Crystal.Rags